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IEC is an experienced organization providing consultancy, advisory services and supply for restaurants, hotels and tourism leisure industries and in particular has expertise in appraisal and feasibility studies and site survey for the implementation of OS&E and F&B listing, requirements, specifications with importation and supply


IEC will elaborate the concept design and ensure F&B strategy will function effectively with the given parameters and comply with all local codes taking into consideration:

the local environment

geographical position

nearby present and future competition


The Main Goal of IEC is to ensure that by the time the hotel is in full Operation, it is a meeting the future requirements from  client perspective and to be as up-to-date and competitive as the local competition.


1.             Appointment:

IEC is will give consultancy services with respect to Advisory Services and 

as contained in the schedule of this agreement and under paragraph ‘3’ 

for the propose development

2.             IEC’s Obligations

IEC’s responsibility shall include the itemised details in the schedule herein and also the following: 

Analysis and optimization of the areas and rationalization of the flows and services as per international 
standards as well as per the operator standards to be applied, listing and supply 
of F&B and OS&E and FFE (Fixtures, special Furniture & Food and beverage secondary equipment
that includes pots, pans, cups, plates, cutlery, table linen and other kitchen equipment). 
The OS&E and F&B to conform to the brand adopted by the most common operator international specifications.

To provide an experienced review of the products presented to the owner at the initial design presentation.  Our insight can save significant time in the budgeting process by helping the owner to specify sources that  meet both the design and operational requirements as well as the budget from the first specification.  



Attend initial meeting with project team/owner to fully understand the concept design and ensure F&B strategy will function effectively with  the given parameters and comply with all local codes taking into consideration the local environment, geographical position and nearby present  and future competition

Meet with Architect to be briefed on the current scheme plans to ensure that the F&B brief will ultimately correspond with these factors. Also, understand the project structure, reporting systems, and procurement methods.

Meet with specialist consultant and establish current design principles and any constraints/parameters which may affect the F&B

Issue the final review and sign-off to start preliminary design

Review the blocking layout from architect for all food, beverage and other related areas

To confirm flows of goods, materials, services, staff and waste to establish compliance with Food and Safety Regulations.



Prepare detailed data sheets identifying all OS&E and F&B requirements BASED ON APPROVED CONSEPT DESIGN

Make a presentation to Architect/owner/Kitchen-Specialist-Consultant (KSC) and subsequent development and revision  incorporating comments/changes.

Submit samples and other to owner for approval

Give owner alternative solutions



Prepare detailed listing. 

Meet with architect/owner to discuss and review with samples available where needed

Receive sign off of all above stages

The areas to be covered from utilities, to chinaware, to menus and proper operation 

Kitchens and kitchenettes

Bakery and pastry

Outside catering


All day dining

Specialty restaurant


Bars and pool areas


Room service system

House keeping system and operation

Restaurant linens


Rooms ‘requirement


Develop the technical foodservice and house keeping listing components of the restaurants, bars, specialty and any other front of house service counters


Assemble all documentation into electronic format 

Respond to queries raised and record changes

Provide supplementary restaurant menus, samples and tableware presentation as required


IEC shall maintain the confidentiality of all information or data of any nature (“Information”) provided to it by client.  IEC shall use the same efforts (but in no case less than reasonable efforts)  to protect the Information it receives hereunder as it accords to its own confidential and proprietary information.   The above requirements shall not apply to information which is already in the  possession of IEC through no breach of an obligation of confidentiality to the client or has been previously independently developed by IEC.   This Agreement shall not prevent any disclosure of Information pursuant to applicable law or regulation,  provided that prior to making such disclosure, IEC shall use reasonable efforts to notify client of this required disclosure. 


Conflict of interest


          We confirm that none of our personnel have any involvement or interest in the Client or project team and likewise no Client personnel or project team have any involvement or interest in the IEC’s business with the response to this offer



IEC OS&E and F&B CONSULTANCY scope of services shall include but not limited to the following: 

Menu Concepts

To develop an innovative restaurant menu design

We understand that there should be intentional strategy behind the development of a menu concept that takes many different factors into consideration, including:

·         sourcing of ingredients, purveyors, and product partner relationships

·         equipment needs to prepare menu items to exacting standards

·         cross-utilization of ingredients and foods to balance costs and make preparation efficient

·         stacking of day parts and menu options for flexibility and service to your target guests

·         understanding seasonality and how it can positively affect menu offerings

Once an overall menu concept that conveys the expected vision, the next critical step is knowing how good menu design – the pages that the guests will hold in their hands – is presented

Listing and Procurement for OS&E and F&B Utilities

Pre-specification operational review

Review of the products presented to the owner at the initial design presentation: specify sources that meet both the design and operational requirements as well as the budget from the first specification.

Detailed line-item budgeting

Creates a detailed, itemized cost with the specifics of each item from initial specification to purchase order.

Global sourcing

Established qualified sources from internationally approved suppliers

Model room preparation

Coordinates the sampling, approval, and expediting process typically in short time frames to prepare the model room for review.

Order expediting

Tracks every item from PO to delivery to installation and final placement on site.

Warehousing & Installation coordination with site

To oversee the receipt, redelivery, staging, and installation of all FF&E and OS&E


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and many other boutique hotels, restaurants etc …



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